Dan C. Gunderman


By Dan C. Gunderman

Release Date: January 9, 2018

The year is 1829. The gruff, self-reliant Goldfinch, a veteran of the War of 1812, has become the anointed leader of an idyllic religious community named Synod, nestled in the Ramapough Mountains of northern New Jersey. This came at the behest of three real-life religious figures, who have returned to their evangelical lives. Goldfinch, who’s long been nomadic, is suddenly thrust into a leadership position—with many opinionated residents jockeying for power behind him. Harriet, Minister Mulvane, “One,” and Shepherd are among them.

Thanks to the advice of the village’s Founders, Synod will become a stop on the Underground Railroad. Goldfinch oversees this transition, bringing in a broken runaway family. But southern bounty hunters have followed their path and seek to reclaim stolen property. Meanwhile, Goldfinch meets a shadowy abolitionist on the road, a man with close ties to the federal government who’s also impressively attuned to the wild. As the man recruits Goldfinch and select others into a wider crusade against slavery, Goldfinch also needs to contend with recurring, fiery visions, and Nance, a corrupt politician whose lone pursuit is to eliminate runaway slave dens.

Will Goldfinch protect his village from damnation or destruction? Will he return to his roots and take up arms as his conflict reaches the governor’s desk? How will his knotty relationship with a villager change as he’s called to action?

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