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 Engaging Rachel 3d


Hot, spicy and layered with sexuality on all dimensions, Engaging Rachel is designed to make steam, and with each page turning adventure, you get it every time.

From the moment Anderson engages Rachel, they become partners, lovers and accomplices as their adventures intersect the Mossad, Russian Intelligence, law enforcement, counter-terrorism and counter-narcotics operations.

As they grow together, Anderson gets the impression that the tabula rasa he has engaged has a past that has been completely erased from the Net. In fact, his nemesis and boss, the Deputy Director of Operations, has planted her own counter-espionage agent in the lair of her prize rogue agent. Is this fact what ultimately determines whether the phenomenally effective team will thrive and continue, or crash and burn?


John Fulghum Mysteries 3d

John Fulghum Mysteries is full of neo-nior short stories dedicated to the Private Investigator, John Fulghum, that just happens to be a decent, brilliant former war hero and gumshoe. Working out of an unlikely second-story office in Greater Boston, he solves crimes that no one else will handle because they do not fit the parameters or jurisdiction of normal police work. They are dirty crimes, involving savage methods and little-understood societal forces most people would rather ignore than address. In the process of solving his crimes, Fulghum, often at the risk of his life, works with his like-minded friends, Officer Nigel Pounce of Boston Homicide, Randy Mortenson-the ex-Special Forces soldier, or Kenneth Mander-the shadowy clandestine CIA operative. Fulghum lives on the edge of the law and always beyond the limits of propriety, and his solutions do not extend to the politically-correct society that condones and often harbors the evil criminals that he hunts down. His solace for being a cleaner-up of filth lies in his racing forms, his Jack Daniels whisky and his Marlboro cigarettes. His life is a series of journeys and returns, but the center of his universe remains the same: honor and justice in a world without either.                      


 Pirate Tales 3d

In these rollicking, madcap, often bloodthirsty Pirate Tales, Abe, the First Mate serving under Captain Morgan on the pirate ship Sweet Cutlass, tells his story of piracy on the high seas while sailing around the world in the waning years of the great age of sail.

After Abe earns his own command of the pirate ship Night Lightning, he works in tandem with his mentor and former captain as they successfully board, loot and scuttle merchantmen of all flags.  The pirates maraud and pillage at will on a route that takes in San Juan, Hatteras, the Bermudas, Madagascar, Zanzibar, the Arabian Sea and Persian Gulf, the Andaman Islands and Tierra del Fuego.  They ruthlessly amass and bury a fortune in treasure, fight with other pirates, mutiny among themselves, carouse among landlubbers, deal
with a treacherous sheik, free many slaves, make men walk the plank, and ship aboard beautiful, lively wenches.

Between these covers are tales of singing pirates, lots of rum, a sea hag, an Amazonian pirate crew, gold and slave trafficking ships, a talking parrot, sea monsters and violent storms that open the gates to Davy Jones’s Locker.

E. W. Farnsworth rewrites legacy pirate lore by assuming pirates are cunning, often worldly wise and cultured in their own piratical ways.  They are as brilliant and daring in battle as today’s US Navy SEALs are—and as invincible.

John Fulghum Mysteries Vol. II 3d


In John Fulghum Mysteries, Vol. II  the style of E.W. Farnsworth’s stories reminds one of Chandler or Elroy on amphetamines.

John “Jack” Fulghum, Private Investigator, bachelor, former war hero and inveterate outsider, solves grisly homicide cases that stump the overworked police forces of Boston and other cities.  To solve these cases, he crosses jurisdictional boundaries in the US and abroad and teams with close, like-minded friends Nigel Pounce of Boston Homicide and Kenneth Mander, of the Central Intelligence Agency.  These stories are not for the faint of heart.

In “Hammer” the hard-boiled detective solves the case of the bloodthirsty murder and chainsaw dismemberment of two men and a woman.  In “Crop Duster” he solves the case of the execution style murders of two boys who witnessed an unacknowledged black operation in the Deep South.  In three linked stories, Fulghum works for a gypsy family and becomes involved in a gypsy war.  Two linked “Hacker” stories tell how Fulghum works unofficially with the CIA and NSA to track down a vicious hacker.  In “Bloody End of the Line” the detective helps eliminate some of the worst ISIS beheading murderers. Finally three linked “Headshot” stories are about a sniper’s legacy bringing the detective face to face with the killer on Boston Common and a domestic intelligence organization with tentacles that reach to an island off the coast of Venezuela.

Farnsworth suggests much more than he tells in stories that sit on the edge of a barely visible, deadly and forbidden territory that twisted systems have created by policy to protect the guilty.



Baro Xaimos: A Novel of the Gypsy Holocaust follows the nearly miraculous survival path of a group of Roma, led by Tobor Mericano, through the Nazi years, including WorldBaro Xaimos 3d War II.   

The novel opens in the 1930’s on the eve of the formation of the Marzahn Camp.  This camp was the prototype for a system of concentration camps designed to contain, oppress and ultimately kill all Roma within Nazi occupied Europe.  The gypsies manage to escape the traps set by the German government to find a base of operations in the USSR.  From there, gypsies are dispatched by Moscow Center to operate as intelligence gatherers and assassins against the Nazis.   

These brave souls achieve a semblance of normalcy while in a Russia full of intrigue, by marrying, having children and staying on the move.  

Baro Xaimos focuses on the love of Tobor Mericano for Drina Mettbach and on the exploits of Tobor’s sister, Nadya Hanstein, a widowed fortune teller who encounters both Hitler and Stalin in her professional role and accidentally changes the course of history.  




Fairy Tales and Other Fanciful Short Stories

Fairy Tales and Other Fanciful Short Stories  is E. W. Farnsworth’s unorthodox, often quirky, fairy tales that range from folkloric and fanciful to satirical and bizarre,  deriving from many sources.  Lorelei and Hansel and Gretel for Real take traditional German tales as points of departure for contemporary re-tellings.  Hugging Proteus, Hera’s Right and Song of Prometheus Unchained derive from Greek myths but have unique voices.  The Ark of Time revisits Egyptian mythology from a plausible science fiction perspective.  The Chess Master derives from Chinese Dao and Indian chess traditions as well as the fictional tone of Hermann Hesse.  Tales of pixies, leprechauns and trolls transform the traditionally received English, Irish and Norwegian folklore. Games for Love in Dragonton borrows its structure, with apologies, from Edmund Spenser’s Shepherds Calendar.

As in the original versions of Nordic tales, complexity and a dark, menacing edge characterize Farnsworth’s thought-provoking, irony-laden stories.  Valley of the Giants posits that contemporary media reshapes  our views of traditional stories.  Magical songs, art and films rival four-leaf clovers, curative flowers, magical swords and spells.





Among Water Fowl

Among Water Fowl and Other Entertainments brings together the cream of the author’s romance stories. Among Water Fowl is a December-May romance of a man and a woman whose lives are tied to a secret world in England though they find that love conquers all.
Bow Bells End, is a love story of a brilliant mathematician and his childhood sweetheart from London’s East End.
Ronnie’s Bucket List shows that a super-centenarian can still lead a productive life, bringing together star-crossed lovers who need a new start.
Old Flames sweetly unites long time lovers at long last.
Both Goddess of the Corn and Beluah portray the throes of contrasting cross-cultural loves in Africa.
Rosina the Fortune Teller and Rosina and Rinaldo tell the story of Romani lovers who meet accidentally, yet everything turns out for the best in spite of distance and adversity.
In Endangered, Brenda’s Constancy and A Girl Named Sam, we learn that sometimes love conquers and sometimes… it is clearly not to be.





The Black Marble Griffon


The Black Marble Griffon & Other Disturbing Tales features short stories of good old fashioned, blood-curdling horror. Two prize winning shorts are included in this volume, The Wasps, and Helen Screaming.

Some of the other short stories include: The Cold Ghost Tentacles, which posits a solution to the mystery of the Loch Ness Monster; The Zombie Tontine, wherein an insurance investigator becomes involved in a zombie plot in Haiti; and The Creature from the Black Stone Reservoir, about a Grendel-like creature that lurks in the natural aquifer under Phoenix.

Many of Farnsworth’s horror stories stem from real—and horrific—historical events, some from the darkest, most secret imaginable truths. These include Curse of the Ship Burial, about the ancient Egyptians’ worldwide naval presence and Comes the Silence, which posits a rabid right-wing takeover of America. Some stories in this volume are visceral, as The Sand Man’s Henchman, Body Wagon, and Ridge Riders.

Yet the horror is often cerebral, except in hindsight when his stories’ spectral ideas return to haunt the imagination. Reminiscent of the wilder visions of A. A. Merritt is The Brass Gong, and E. A. Poe might have enjoyed The Visitor. Still E. W. Farnsworth’s The Wakening and Night of the Sailor Moon take the reader where no horror aficionado has ever gone before.

The reader can delve into this collection and roam in any direction at will. The sheer variety of perspectives offers much for every mood, and we hope you enjoy your discovery of the writings of E.W. Farnsworth.



The Wiglaff Tales: Book One of the Wiglaff Chronicles takes us back in time to when the magic of Shaman’s was real.

Roman imperial forces are massing to invade and enslave Caledonia.  Wiglaff, son of the great warrior Mordru, is shunned by his father as unsuitable warrior material.  An unusual child, Wiglaff has visions and an uncanny relationship with the natural world.  He becomes the  protégé of the shaman Ugard, and learns how to focus his powers to bring rain and affect events.  

Meanwhile, Wiglaff’s warrior sister Winna, quietly forms a band of warrior women from the nearby villages.  The shaman, his protégé Wiglaff, and Winna join forces to combat this formidable enemy. 

Imperial forces mass for an onslaught against the villagers, and the situation looks hopeless until the shamans defeat the enemy by using white and black magic.  Alma, a Roman double agent, insinuates herself into Wiglaff’s household and provides critical intelligence about imperial intentions and movements.  

Wiglaff foresees a greater threat to Caledonia than imperial forces however, as two Roman scouts  are taken prisoner by Winna’s warriors who are followers of a crucified man named Jesus.  When negotiations break down and the Caledonian Confederacy prepares to go to all-out war with Rome, will Wiglaff and his companions be able to save their village?


Blue is for Murder is the third book in the John Fulghum Mysteries Series.

Private Investigator John Fulghum knows it is more than good fortune that brings  a beautiful, intelligent Korean woman to his seedy second-story office above Joe’s Malt Shop.  The executive assistant and unlikely wife of a wealthy Boston centenarian – that just happens to be a Korean War hero, and now a murder victim- Kim Su Baek spins Fulghum an  incredible tale with  roots in the ancient Korean royal family.  Yet Fulghum believes her incredible tale and accepts the case to prove her innocent of murder.

To solve this case and exonerate his client, the Jack Daniels-loving gumshoe’s investigation must balance relationships among his Pulitzer-Prize winning girlfriend/reporter, Sylvia Blackwood; his friends – Boston Homicide Officer, Nigel Pounce, and CIA Agent, Ken Salamander;  and his client, as they become drawn into a deadly labyrinth designed by both sides of the conflict on the Korean peninsula.

The plot finally focuses on a plethora of suspects at the deceased man’s estate in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.  The murky intrigue of this case causes a nail-biting succession of horrific deaths, culminating in attempts on the very lives of all our major characters.
Who will survive and who is guilty?



The Emergence of the Shaman: Book Two of the Wiglaff Chronicles

In his early life, Wiglaff demonstrated that his qualities were different from those valued by his father, Mordru and his sister, Winna. His instinctual sensitivity and his insight into the natural world set him apart.  As he gradually develops his shamanistic skills, his sister is becoming the consummate female warrior.

Protected by his prescient mother Onna, Wiglaff learns of his family’s connections across Caledonia as Onna arranges Wiglaff’s tutelage with Ugard the Shaman, her former suitor.

As his sister extends her liaisons with the women who will form her secret army, Wiglaff comes to understand the comprehensive scope of the Roman effort to contain and conquer Caledonia. A Roman slave, named Festus, helps Wiglaff clarify the Roman threat and ultimately sacrifices his life for the Caledonian cause.

Once his destiny is set, Wiglaff’s entire focus must be directed at answering his calling, to emerge as Shaman.



The Perfect Teacher: John Fulghum Mysteries, Vol. IV

The Perfect Teacher, John Fulghum Mysteries, Vol. IV,  by E. W. Farnsworth takes you through the intriguing exploits of hard-boiled Boston area private investigator, John Fulghum with the services of his friends, Ken Mander of the CIA, and Nigel Pounce of Boston Homicide, to unravel the secrets of Fulghum’s latest case. Fulghum, and his long-time girlfriend, Boston Globe archivist Sylvia Blackwood, go undercover to solve a murder at a small Catholic college in the Greater Boston area. The case puts both their lives in danger as their performances in their respective classrooms earns them respect and even adulation among their students, fellow faculty and the administration alike. From this experience, Blackwood sees the path to her third Pulitzer Prize, while Fulghum returns to Jack Daniels and Marlboro cigarettes in his smoky office above Joe’s Ice Cream Shop in Bedford. Can Fulghum’s longstanding relationship with Blackwood be sustained after their trial by fire? Or will the dark facts of life as a private investigator overshadow their bond?




The Witch Games & Other Supernatural Tales

The Witch Games & Other Supernatural Tales highlight the brilliance of E. W. Farnsworth’s far-reaching imagination and showcase several of his latest tales.

The Witch Games novella intentionally crosses the traditional boundary between the supernatural and science fiction. Be advised the future depicted in this story is on our doorstep and drawn from actual occurrences in radical institutions for the extremely gifted.

Other stories in this collection owe as much to fact as to folklore, traditions, and the author’s imagination. The spectrum is intentionally wide, running from the tale of the aftermath and strange rebirth of a high-tech company to dark fairy tales about vengeful ghosts in the Christian, Japanese, and Mongolian traditions.

Even the tale, Mr. Truman’s Ghosts, is based on actual ghosts reportedly dwelling in the White House. Stories with Norse themes or Hopi Indian myths expand the geographical range while upending expectations.

Above all, these stories are for contemplating super-natural situations and are an invitation to ponder the ‘what-if’ in our lives.



Finding Harry Diamond, John Fulghum Mysteries, Volume V

Finding Harry Diamond, John Fulghum Mysteries, Volume V continues with the intriguing exploits of hard-boiled Boston area private investigator, John Fulghum.

Fulghum must track down Harry Diamond, an infamous and ruthlessly effective CIA assassin, before the man decides to make Fulghum his next target. Tracking down his ‘double’ with the help of his friend, CIA agent Ken Mander, leads Fulghum into close quarters with beautiful women, secret engagements with the Mob, and the horrors of advanced black technology that can get a man killed just for holding a thumb drive.

In Finding Harry Diamond, Farnsworth begins to blend mystery with science-fiction and shows how it will soon be science-fact as a world containing this black technology is on our doorstep.







Fun Facts about

E.W. Farnsworth

Personal Facts:

ZHP: Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?

EWF: I was born in Long Beach, California, and grew up all over the US.  My lack of roots in one place made me a “national” right from the start.  This has had a seminal influence on my writing.

ZHP: Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?

EWF: Yes, I remember Journey to the Center of the Earth, which has had a tremendous impact on me for its sheer imaginative scope and its journey and return structure.

ZHP: What inspires you to get out of bed each day?

EWF: Writing defines my life. When I am not actually writing, I think about writing.  I compose both intentionally and subconsciously all the time.

ZHP: When did you first start writing?    

EWF: I was a school newspaper writer and editor from the time I was eight years old in the Third Grade.

ZHP: What is the greatest joy of writing for you?

EWF: I enjoy problem solving, integrating large ideas and creating credible fictional characters that jump right off the page.  When those three joys come together in my writing that is my greatest joy.

ZHP: Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?

EWF: Yes. It was a western story about a mining explosives expert that I wrote when I was eleven.

ZHP: What advice would you give a new writer?

EWF: Write for publication every day, rewrite as a habit, and don’t delete anything that you write as a final copy–just store it.

ZHP: Do you use Social Media?

EWF: Yes, I can be contacted via my website: http://www.ewfarnsworth.com

E.W.’s Process:

ZHP: Describe your desk or writing space.

EWF: I write on a PC laptop that sits in the clutter on top of my five-leaved Ikea desk.  A media display hovers over my computer in the corner of the wall above it, and to my right is a three-tiered light fixture in front of a window that looks down one level to the street.

ZHP: What is your writing process?

EWF: I write every morning, every afternoon and every night–sometimes late into the night and even all night.  In between I walk two sheltie dogs.

ZHP: How do you connect with your muse?

EWF: My muse is always with me and totally connected.

ZHP: Is procrastination an issue for you?

EWF: I do not procrastinate.  Life is too short to wait.  A family motto: NO WAITING!

ZHP: What motivated you to become an indie author?

EWF: I like the immediacy of the on-line experience and the accessibility of on-line feedback.

ZHP: What advice would give about writer’s block?

EWF: I advise: just write! and if that fails, just read!

ZHP: What’s the story behind your latest book?

EWF: A police detective and the assistant DA team up to solve cryptocurrency crimes around the world. In the process of doing their exciting jobs together, their professional relationship becomes personal but their careers get in the way.  In the end, love finds a way, but these characters are the best at what they do, and they continue to do their work for the public good while they genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Read Bitcoin Fandango, by E. W. Farnsworth, available through Amazon.com.

ZHP: What are you working on next?

EWF: In addition to my stories, I have five additional books scheduled so far for 2015. I am working long term on an epic in verse, The Voyage of the Spaceshipe Arcturus, which attempts to justify the ways of Artificial Intelligences (AIs) to humankind.

E.W.’s Interests:

ZHP: When you’re not writing, how do you spend your time?

EWF: Yes, always positively. My fans tell me that they want to read more of what I write, so I am encouraged to provide more for them to read.

ZHP: What do you read for pleasure?

EWF: I am an omnivorous reader of world literature.

ZHP: Who are your favorite authors?

EWF: John le Carre, William Gibson, William Shakespeare

ZHP: What are your five favorite books, and why?

EWF: William Shakespeare’s King Lear–the sheer scope of it, which in English drama is not surpassed

Herman Melville’s Moby Dick–the offhand completeness and humor of it

William Gibson’s Neuromancer–the groundbreaking inventiveness of it

Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain–the epic grandeur and detail of it

John le Carre’s The Honourable Schoolboy–the story, authority and clarity of its narrative voice

ZHP: What is your e-reading device of choice?

EWF: I am ubiquitous.  I will read on all devices



 John Fulgham MysteriesJohn Fulghum Mysteries  by E. W. Farnsworth

Zimbell House Publishing, LLC


310 pages

Reviewed by Ross A. Phelps (Author of Lleyellyn)                            


This collection of interrelated noir crime stories is a far cry from the tales of gumshoes tracking figurines made on the island of Malta or delving into backroom deals involving the Los Angeles water supply. No Robert Mitchum, Humphrey Bogart or Jack Nicholson private eyes here.

It’s true, John Fulghum, private investigator, has a dingy upstairs office and enjoys his Marlboros, Jack Daniels, and betting on the ponies.  His cases could be ripped from today’s headlines. His clients are old friends from his military past, law enforcement colleagues, clandestine government agents, officers of multinational corporations, members of Congress, and the like. And he gets paid more. A lot more.

Think Matthew McConaughey, perhaps, for the role of Fulghum, ex-special forces, with contacts everywhere.

In these fourteen stories, Fulghum takes on the mob, drug dealers, industrial spies, Muslim terrorists, and other miscreants.

My favorite might be Brown Recluse Bust. Health inspectors and pest control experts have never meant so much to national security.

Farnsworth, a former military officer and current consultant to intelligence agencies and law enforcement, brings an insider’s point of view to his stories. He has added a helpful glossary of acronyms to give the reader special cache to the vernacular of clandestine international intelligence and crime solving.

If you like non-stop action and a hero who has what it takes to tackle today’s enemies, both private and public, this book is for you.

Fortunately for his fans, the author has recently released volume two of the John Fulghum Mysteries. The John Fulghum Mysteries Vol. II is available at Amazon.com.

Blue is for Murder JFM Vol.3BLUE IS FOR MURDER by E. W. Farnsworth

Zimbell House Publishing, LLC

Release date: January 2017

Reviewed by Ross A. Phelps

Author of Lleyellyn and Two Shots Quick


I was privileged to have the opportunity to review an advance copy of the third volume of the John Fulghum Mysteries, Blue is for Murder. Publication of this latest book in the series is scheduled for January, 2017.

This is a mystery novel in the classic sense with a show down of all the possible murder suspects assembled in one room where the identity of the killer is revealed consistent with the story line, but unexpected nevertheless.

Make no mistake, this is not the retelling of a staid early drawing room confrontation like might take place in the hall of an English manor house or in the smoking car on the Orient Express.

The action here centers around the solution of numerous murders (mostly by Sarak, a poison used by nobility in historic Korea), with the victims ranging in age from the yet to be born to at least one centurion.

Fulghum’s investigation harkens back to the Korean Conflict of the early fifties, and the goings on in and on behalf of North Korea up to Kim Jong-un, its current leader. He deals with local detectives, CIA operatives and South Korean agents. Along the way Fulgham prevails in at least two shoot-outs, avoids an attempted poisoning, goes fishing twice, and succumbs to the whiles of at least two beautiful women.  He also manages to enjoy more than his fair share of Jack Daniels whiskey and Marlboro cigarettes.

In fact, the product placements in this novel could be predictive of future cinematographic treatment for the fast paced and tightly wound plot line.

At the end of the book the author includes a glossary of Acronyms and a Reading Group Guide. Missing is an Order Form. More than one reader might want to contact the distillery gift shop in Lynchburg to order black silk pajamas bearing the JD monogram. John Fulghum picked his up somewhere.

Fast paced. Interesting twists. Satisfying conclusion. No loose ends. I liked it.

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