E. W. Farnsworth Bio

E. W. Farnsworth produces his work from his hometown in Arizona. He has published a multitude of short stories, poems, and fiction both online and in print. E. W. enjoys focusing on the thriller/suspense and sci-fi arena. To follow his work, please click here: https://ewfarnsworth.com/

All of E. W.’s books published through Zimbell House are available everywhere books are sold in both paperback and ebook editions. To date, Zimbell House has published the following titles for E. W. Farnsworth:

Engaging Rachel

Pirate Tales

Baro Xaimos: A Novel of the Gypsy Holocaust

Fairy Tales and Other Fanciful Short Stories

Among Water Fowl and Other Entertainments

The Black Marble Griffon & Other Disturbing Tales

The Witch Games and Other Supernatural Tales

John Fulghum Mysteries, Volumes I -VI: Vol. I   Vol. II   Vol. III   Vol. IV   Vol.V   Vol. VI

The Wiglaff Chronicles, Books One and Two