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If you are an aspiring writer or an established author looking to publish your steamier than mainstream works, you’ve landed in the right place.  We are looking to partner with others that share our passion for stories with heat, plot lines that are well developed, and characters that are memorable.

Our readers demand escapes that titillate the imagination, and they clamor for all lengths of diversion, from short stories to epic novels and everything in between. We developed this site with our authors in mind. Our goal is to give you the information you need to help you find a publishing partner that is right for you.

Temptation Press looks forward to helping you obtain your publishing goals and helping our readers find their next mental interlude.

Temptation Press is a new imprint for our parent company,  Zimbell House Publishing.  ZHP’s readership clamored for steamier romantic and erotic offerings of quality fiction and the result was the birth of Temptation Press.  Our goal is to become the number one independent publisher of quality Erotic Romance Fiction.  We want our readers to experience the best mental stimulation elegant writing can produce, allowing them total immersion in stories that meet their particular fantasies.  We hope you’ll help us in that endeavor!

For our authors, Temptation Press is dedicated to helping you lead the way to elevating the genre.

For our readers, Temptation Press is dedicated to creating a safe, comfortable environment to explore some of the best fiction of this genre-from tasteful, yet steamy romances to escapism of a more graphic kind and everything in between.

We offer full service publishing, not to be confused with vanity presses.  Temptation Press has a stringent vetting process, and our acquisitions editorial team is dedicated to only taking on works that not only meet our guidelines, but elevate the genre.  This policy means that we end up declining more than we accept.

Our experienced team of editors, cover artists, book designers (layout artists), and marketing guru’s ensure only quality products hit the market. While we do ask for a small author investment, (our staff likes to eat and pay their mortgages!) we do have one of the highest royalty rates in the business. From the very first book sold, you will receive a fifty percent royalty on net proceeds, whether it’s a print edition or an eBook.  Temptation Press pays royalties to our authors twice a year.  We partner with you to share the risk and the rewards in an equitable relationship.

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For more information about Temptation Press or for employment inquiries please send an email to: info@TemptationPress.com

For sales information, please send an email to: sales@TemptationPress.com

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