Evelyn M. Zimmer, Publisher


Evelyn M. Zimmer

Founder, Publisher

Evelyn spent thirty years in the corporate environment when she realized the need for a shift. The barriers for new authors to break into the publishing arena were numerous, starting with having to find an agent and losing creative control of their work. Self-publishing and vanity presses seemed to be the only other option for aspiring authors—this option left the entire burden and cost on the author. Authors trying to cut costs had steep learning curves to hurdle in many areas not related to writing, if they were going to produce a quality product.

A third way was needed. A middle-ground where new authors could be taken seriously, have the quality and professionalism of the traditional houses, yet with more equitable royalty splits. A middle-ground where new authors could get reviews and enter their work for awards, to have a partner to manage all the steps involved while retaining creative control over what happens to their manuscript.  A partner to help them reach readers with global distribution and marketing assistance.

Zimbell House Publishing was born out of this need. A partnership publisher that works with its authors to create and market quality, professional work that rivals traditional houses.

Rita Moore

Editorial Manager

Rita joined Zimbell House Publishing in 2015 with an eye towards the future and steps in a new direction. Her talent for catching sentences that end in prepositions while juggling multiple story-lines has served her well. She understands the flow of a good story-arc, what dialog should be for the genre, and how a character’s development needs to happen. Rita’s ever-present red pen often appears to highlight the necessary corrections.

One of her favorite moments as a Zimbell House editor is the initial introduction to the author — “Hello, I am Rita Moore and I am the editor for your manuscript.”  This sentence opens endless possibilities and she looks forward to letting the written word paint the adventures of the tale.

Rita is an avid reader of mysteries and biographies in addition to being an amateur nature photographer.  She searches for those slightly off scenes such as one white tulip in rows of deep purple blooms. She enjoys capturing the unexpected in her photos.


Maggie Campbell

Acquisitions, Project Management

Maggie has an eye for what readers want. The best part of her week is getting to read and discuss the merits of new manuscripts. The worst part is having to decline manuscripts. After a recent survey, she discovered that the acceptance rate at Zimbell House is 17%, which means that out of all the manuscripts the team evaluates,  83% are declined. Maggie often says, “the good news is we really believe in the manuscripts we accept, we are prepared for the long haul and committed to marketing those titles.”

She lives in a state of perpetual multi-tasking; which is great for Zimbell House, since she wears many hats within the organization.



Jeanne Tepper, Editor


Jeanne Tepper

Developmental Editor

Jeanne is a writer and editor with experience in both fiction and non-fiction genres. She has written for The Detroit News parenting blog, MichMoms, and the financial website GoBankingRates.com. She has two short stories published on the British website Alfie Dog Fiction, one of which was included in an anthology of holiday themed stories entitled A Wish For Christmas. Jeanne is an active member of the writing community.





Mamie Sepulveda, Acquisitions


Mamie Sepulveda

Developmental Editor

Mamie is a writer, editor, and costume designer. She can turn a ragamuffin novel into Cinderella’s ball gown.