Temptation Press Ratings Guide


These ratings let the reader know just how torrid the story really is.

  • Intoxicating – Tempting, sweet adult romances with happily ever afters and committed relationships.
  • Steamy – Naughtily tempting, sensuous and suggestive, mostly committed relationships portrayed and happy endings.
  • Scalding – Wickedly tempting, explicit dialog that sparks the reader’s imagination, with happy-ish endings. Not necessarily committed relationships.
  • Scorching – The temptation is over and these stories are hardcore, yet still tasteful. Committed relationships nor happily ever afters are not the point of the story. Everyone is generally satisfied for now!
  • Molten– Limits are tested, boundaries are pushed, and taboos are explored in these highly erotic tales. Not for the faint of heart. Most consider these XXX.

Sizzle Factor:

These ratings let the reader know just how much sex there actually is between the covers.

  These books simmer, with lots of temptation.

   These books will leave your heart racing and your imagination soaring.

   These books are not for the feint of heart, as they push the erotic boundaries and use graphic language and descriptions.