After Effects


After Effects

A Zimbell House Anthology

After Effects is a collection of twenty-eight short stories that dig into the downfall of a person, community, or society as a whole; and what the after effects of that ruin entail.

Some are humorous, some are touching, but all make us pause and reflect.

Featured Contributors:

Andrew Mayden ♦ Arthur Carey ♦ Ben Fine ♦ Brandon French ♦ David P. Langlinais ♦ David Massey ♦ E. W. Farnsworth ♦ Jamie Landry ♦ Jessica Naab ♦ Jessica Swearingen ♦ Joe English ♦ J. D. G. Perldeiner ♦ J. N. Clausen ♦ Justin Palmer ♦ Kathryn Schleich ♦ Lisa Clark ♦ Mary Wild ♦ Matthew Jankiewicz ♦ P. A. Wikoff ♦ Shaun Polakow ♦ Stephen J. O’Shea ♦ Steve Carr ♦ Tamar Shapiro-Tamir ♦ TJ Hart ♦ and Zachary T. Wiser

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