Among Water Fowl and Other Entertainments


Among Water Fowl and Other Entertainments

by E.W. Farnsworth

Among Water Fowl and Other Entertainments brings together the cream of the author’s romance stories. Among Waterfowl is a December-May romance of a man and a woman whose lives are tied to a secret world in England though they find that love conquers all.
Bow Bells End, is a love story of a brilliant mathematician and his childhood sweetheart from London’s East End, and touches on the secret world of GCHQ (Government Communications) as it moves towards a happily ever after denouement.
Ronnie’s Bucket List shows that a super-centenarian can still lead a productive life, bringing together star-crossed lovers who need a new start.
Old Flames sweetly unites long time lovers at long last.  Both Goddess of the Corn and Beluah portray the throes of contrasting cross-cultural loves in Africa.
Rosina the Fortune Teller and Rosina and Rinaldo tell the story of Romani lovers who meet accidentally, yet everything turns out for the best in spite of distance and adversity.
In Endangered, Brenda’s Constancy and A Girl Named Sam, we learn that sometimes love conquers and sometimes, it is clearly not to be.
Girth Landford comically portrays a couple who overcome egregious eating disorders to transform their lives.
The reader can delve into this collection and dream, smile or reflect. The variety of perspectives—from melancholic to comic—offers much for nearly every mood and inclination.

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