Baro Xaimos: A Novel of the Gypsy Holocaust


Baro Xaimos: A Novel of the Gypsy Holocaust

by E. W. Farnsworth

Baro Xaimos: A Novel of the Gypsy Holocaust follows the almost miraculous survival path of a group of Roma, led by Tobor Mericano, through the Nazi years, including World War II.

The novel opens in the 1930’s on the eve of the formation of the Marzahn Camp.  This camp is the prototype for a system of concentration camps designed to contain, oppress and ultimately kill all Roma within Nazi occupied Europe.  The gypsies manage to escape the traps set by the German government to find a base of operations in the USSR.  From there, gypsies are dispatched by Moscow Center to operate as intelligence gatherers and assassins against the Nazis.

These brave souls achieve a semblance of normalcy while in a Russia full of intrigue, by marrying, having children and staying on the move.

Baro Xaimos focuses on the love of Tobor Mericano for Drina Mettbach and on the exploits of Tobor’s sister, Nadya Hanstein, a widowed fortune teller who encounters both Hitler and Stalin in her professional role and accidentally changes the course of history.


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