Blue is for Murder (John Fulghum Mysteries, Vol. III)


Private Investigator John Fulghum knows it is more than his good fortune that brings this beautiful, intelligent Korean woman to his seedy second-story office above Joe’s Malt Shop.  Executive assistant and unlikely wife of a wealthy Boston centenarian, a Korean War hero, and now a murder victim, Kim Su Baek spins Fulghum an  incredible tale with  roots in the ancient Korean royal family.  Yet Fulghum believes her incredible tale and accepts the case to prove her innocent of murder.

To solve this case and exonerate his client, the Jack Daniels-loving gumshoe’s investigation must balance relationships among his Pulitzer-Prize winning girlfriend/reporter, Sylvia Blackwood; his friends-Boston Homicide Officer, Nigel Pounce, and CIA Agent, Ken Salamander;  and his client, as they become drawn into a deadly labyrinth designed by both sides of the conflict on the Korean peninsula.

The plot finally focuses on a plethora of suspects at the deceased man’s estate in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.  The murky intrigue of this case causes a nail-biting succession of horrific deaths, culminating in attempts on the very lives of all our major characters.
Who will survive and who is guilty?

E. W. Farnsworth, creator of the John Fulghum Mysteries series, a noir detective collection of short stories,  presents Blue Is for Murder, John Fulghum Mysteries, Vol. III,  his first full-blown John Fulghum novel.  His fans, clamoring for more John Fulghum, are thrilled to know that two more novels are coming soon.

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