Finding Harry Diamond (John Fulghum Mysteries, Vol. V)


Finding Harry Diamond

John Fulghum Mysteries, Vol. V

by E. W. Farnsworth

Finding Harry Diamond, John Fulghum Mysteries, Volume V continues with the intriguing exploits of hard-boiled Boston area private investigator, John Fulghum.

Fulghum must track down Harry Diamond, an infamous and ruthlessly effective CIA assassin, before the man decides to make Fulghum his next target. Tracking down his ‘double’ with the help of his friend, CIA agent Ken Mander, leads Fulghum into close quarters with beautiful women, secret engagements with the Mob, and the horrors of advanced black technology that can get a man killed just for holding a thumb drive.

E. W. Farnsworth continues to write John Fulghum, PI mysteries. In John Fulghum Mysteries, Volume 6, he returns to the tradition of a short story collection.


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