River Tales


River Tales

A Zimbell House Anthology

River Tales presents thirty-two short stories from new writers around the globe. Several fishing tales, along with a few coming of age stories, even one from a fish’s point of view, are sure to entertain.

River monsters, murder, and redemption can all be found in these watery tales. From poignant to humorous, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Featuring the contributed works of:

Elaine Barnard ♦ C.W. Bigelow ♦ Kevin Breen ♦ Arthur Carey ♦ Steven Carr ♦ Michael Coolen ♦ Thomas Elson ♦ Ben Fine ♦ K.Drew Fuller ♦ Samuel George ♦ Patrick Cabello Hansel ♦ Joyce Holland ♦ Jeremiah James ♦ Michelle S. Johnson ♦ David W. Landrum ♦ Jerome W. McFadden ♦ John Nelson ♦ Jacqueline Patricks ♦ Garth Petersen ♦ Destiny Eve Pifer ♦ Vincent Poturica ♦ Gen Ryan ♦ Lyra Sparrow ♦ J.A. Thorndyke ♦ Wayne Via ♦ David A. Voyles ♦ Samang Wadee ♦ Jimmie Ware ♦ Leslie Wibberley ♦ Matthew Wilson ♦ Gary Wosk ♦ and Jerry Zinn

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