The Emergence of the Shaman


The Emergence of the Shaman

Book Two in the Wiglaff Chronicles

by E.W. Farnsworth

In his early life, Wiglaff demonstrated that his qualities were different from those valued by his father, Mordru and his sister, Winna. His instinctual sensitivity and his insight into the natural world set him apart.  As he gradually develops his shamanistic skills, his sister is becoming the consummate female warrior.

Protected by his prescient mother Onna, Wiglaff learns of his family’s connections across Caledonia as Onna arranges Wiglaff’s tutelage with Ugard the Shaman, her former suitor.

As his sister extends her liaisons with the women who will form her secret army, Wiglaff comes to understand the comprehensive scope of the Roman effort to contain and conquer Caledonia. A Roman slave, named Festus, helps Wiglaff clarify the Roman threat and ultimately sacrifices his life for the Caledonian cause.

Once his destiny is set, Wiglaff’s entire focus must be directed at answering his calling, to emerge as Shaman.

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