The Mountain Pass


The Mountain Pass

A Zimbell House Anthology

The trials and tribulations of settling the western half of America over a hundred and fifty years ago are legendary. With the numerous mountain ranges came the inevitable need for the settlers to cross them. This premise is what prompted Zimbell House to create this anthology.

The Mountain Pass tells twelve such tales from the perspective of eleven new writers. Some are heart-wrenching, and others are humorous, but all give a glimpse of the courage and perseverance it took for these brave souls to make it through the mountain pass.

Featuring the contributed works of:

Ben Fine ♦ D. S. White ♦ Don Noel E. W. Farnsworth J. Crayton Smith with Jonathan Smith ♦ Marylee MacDonald ♦ Sallie Moppert Samantha Lucero Shane Porteous ♦ Shawn J. Wenger ♦ and Verleen Tucker

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