The Neighbors


The Neighbors

A Zimbell House Anthology

Ever wonder what your neighbors are really like? What they may be hiding?

The Neighbors features twenty aspiring writers wishing to entertain you with their short stories inspired by these very questions. From humorous conflicts with the home owners association to a seedier malevolence, suspicious behavior to a welcomed change, there is something for everyone.

The next time your neighbors invite you to dinner, you may wish to think twice!


Featuring the contributed works of:

Adjie Henderson ♦ Cynthia Nooney ♦ DJ Tyrer ♦ Don Noel ♦ J. Lee Strickland ♦ Jerome McFadden ♦ Jocelyn Paige Kelly ♦ Josh Penzone ♦ Justin Boote ♦ Katrina Johnston ♦ Kimberly Brown ♦ Liz Dolan ♦ Matthew Wilson ♦ Stephanie Weber ♦ Steven Carr ♦ Susan Lloy ♦ Susanne Dutton  ♦ Tom Barlow ♦ Tom Larsen ♦ and William Burleson

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