The Perfect Teacher (John Fulghum Mysteries, Vol. IV)


The Perfect Teacher

John Fulghum Mysteries, Vol. IV

by E. W. Farnsworth

This installment in the series takes you through the intriguing exploits of hard-boiled Boston area private investigator, John Fulghum with the services of his friends, Ken Mander of the CIA, and Nigel Pounce of Boston Homicide, to unravel the secrets of Fulghum’s latest case.

Fulghum, and his long-time girlfriend, Boston Globe archivist Sylvia Blackwood, go undercover to solve a murder at a small Catholic college in the Greater Boston area.  The case puts both their lives in danger as their performances in their respective classrooms earns them respect and even adulation among their students, fellow faculty and the administration alike.

From this experience, Blackwood sees the path to her third Pulitzer Prize, while Fulghum returns to Jack Daniels and Marlboro cigarettes in his smoky office above Joe’s Ice Cream Shop in Bedford.

Can Fulghum’s longstanding relationship with Blackwood be sustained after their trial by fire? Or will the dark facts of life as a private investigator overshadow their bond?


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