Zimbell House Manuscript Evaluation

At Zimbell House Publishing, manuscript evaluation submissions normally have a six-eight week turn around, will be vetted by our acquisitions editorial team which includes a review of the work, an estimate of the level of editorial/mentoring help that will be required to bring it to press, or a non-form letter rejection specifying why we can not publish the work.


  • All work must be in English.
  • Work submitted must be completed manuscripts.  Our acquisitions editorial staff feels strongly that a complete evaluation can not be made on partial work.  Be sure that you are submitting your best work, have the spelling and punctuation cleaned up before submitting please.
  • No headers or footers.
  • We will not accept hard-copy (paper) submissions.
  • Submissions must be in Microsoft Word format or RTF, 12 point font, double spaced, one inch margins.  Please use a simple font, our editorial team will greatly appreciate it.

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