Info for Potential Authors

You wrote your manuscript, you had beta readers give you advice, you made corrections, fleshed out the plot line and gave your characters personality.  You’ve gone over it so many times you’re sick of it, and now you have the unmitigated joy of submitting your work to publishing houses.  You’re ready.  One hand holds the aspirin bottle while the other hovers over the submit button. A small panic sets in and self-doubt threatens. With steely resolve your finger descends … click … and your baby is on its way.  It’s no longer a manuscript, but a—submission.

Now what?

Then you ask yourself:

Why is is taking so long to get a response?  Did they even receive it?  Is it lost in cyber world?

What are you to do while you wait for those publishers to get back to you?  You just know they’ve read your submission already, you suspect they are toying with you …

A few weeks go by, perhaps a couple of months or so, then it happens—an emailed response to your submission!  You know logically there are only two possible outcomes. The dreaded decline letter, or the dreamed of acceptance proposal.  Your mouth goes dry, your hands sweat, then you pull up that steely resolve again and open that email.

We get it and we understand. We’ve been there too. That’s why we at Zimbell House and Temptation Press strive to keep the lines of communication open from the moment we receive your submission.  Our acquisitions team emails you a response that we received your submission and will let you know when to expect a review of your work.  If we decline your submission, we tell you why.  However, if we accept your submission, not only will we celebrate your success with you, but the reality of publication will be underway.

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