Our Process-Behind the Scenes

Once your manuscript is accepted by either Zimbell House Publishing or its imprint, Temptation Press, you will be assigned an editor that will help you with developmental, line/copy, and other editing of your work.  Every manuscript that we work with goes through a four-step editorial process. This entire editorial process typically takes four-five months.

During this editorial time-frame, our art department is busy creating the cover art and marketing materials for your media kit. You’ll be asked to provide a synopsis/blurb for the back cover, a couple of different bio’s and a head-shot.  Don’t worry, we help polish them for you.  Your Library of Congress number is obtained and the ISBNs are assigned for each edition of the book. The bar-code for the print edition(s) is/are created and assigned.

When the work on the manuscript is deemed ready, it is sent to our layout department, which creates the print layout(s) and two eBook layouts (one for Kindle and an ePub version for every other digital device).  Once the e-galley is created, your editor will send it to you to go over with instructions on what to do if you wish to make changes at this stage.  Once those changes (if any) are updated by the layout department, a print galley is ordered. This is a physical proof of the book and normally takes about two weeks to receive from the printer (as much as we would love to be their only client, we have to work within their production schedules).  Once we have it in our hot little hands, your editor will contact you and set up a meeting to go over what is called a red-pen edit, which is the 4th stage of edits (if you are local to the editor).  If you are not local to your editor, it will be mailed to you with instructions on how to proof the book and make any last changes.  Once your editor receives the corrected proof back from you, our layout department will make the corrections and do a final proofreading edit.

During this hectic time, our marketing department has been busy contacting the distributors to let them know about your upcoming book, sending ARC’s (Advanced Reading Copies) to reviewers (it can take up to six months to receive some reviews) and coming up with book club questions to assist reading groups with their future discussions about your book. They are setting up Goodreads Giveaway campaigns and others. Marketing will contact you at various stages during the process to get your social media platform information to include with the media kit.

Shortly, you will receive an email from your editor letting you know the release date for your book-the champagne can be uncorked! Sit back and enjoy the moment, because the hard part starts next.  Whether you signed with Zimbell House Publishing or Temptation Press, we are filing your copyright paperwork for you and the deposit copies are mailed to the Library of Congress for their records.

Marketing. It’s a never ending job.  Zimbell House Publishing and Temptation Press both have relationships with global distributors, as well as Amazon, Kindle, Barns N Noble, Baker & Taylor, and Ingram to name a few.  Our sales staff continually update the independent booksellers, libraries and so forth. Zimbell House and Temptation Press also expect you, the author, to get involved in the marketing of your book-with social media and signing events. Don’t worry—we don’t leave you on your own, our marketing department is there to assist you through the process. We work in tandem with our authors to get the word out! For the life of contract, we will continue to help you market your book. Once again, if it doesn’t sell, we don’t make money either, like you—we are invested in it’s success.

The entire process, from submission acceptance to publication can take about eight months to a year.  It may seem like a long time, but we want to get it right, and so should you.  It’s all about ramping up the awareness of your book, and just getting pre-release reviews can take six to eight months. A faster turn around means corners get cut, and you don’t want that.

We hope you enjoyed this little view from behind the publishing curtain.